An Honestly Good Story.

Cross our hearts...

The old saying goes…”Mum always know best”, and I have my superhero Mum to thank for inspiring my smoothie business.

Like many people, there was a time in my life when I suffered from digestive problems. Thankfully, Mum quickly came to the rescue with her healthy home remedies. She began blending vegetable smoothies for me every morning, and before long had opened up her spice cupboard and added superfoods to them too. Within days this new morning ritual had improved my digestion, raised energy levels and even banished that elevenses snack attack.

The only problem was time…or lack of it. I wasn’t prepared to swap my snooze to wash, peel, and chop ingredients every morning, and I couldn’t find another company that offered all organic veggie-packed smoothies. So, I handed in my notice and set up The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. (With Mum’s help, of course.)

A philosophy in every
single smoothie.

We believe what goes around comes around. It’s why we aim to source as much as humanly possible from organic farmers in the UK. Unfortunately, we don’t quite have the climate for coconuts and mangos, so sometimes we have to look to carefully selected Soil Association Certified Organic Suppliers for some of the more exotic fruit, veg and superfoods.

We then lovingly wash, peel, chop and pack every box at our family home in Bedfordshire, before air freezing the packs to seal in all the good stuff.
This Philosophy extends to everything we do, from our transparent and sustainable preparation, to re-using or recycling 100% of all packaging to donating 2 meals to those in need for every box we send out.

Blake Bowden is our Head Chef & Smoothie Artiste in charge of creating our unique recipes, Caroline Farrell is the award-winning Nutritionist who works with Blake (and makes sure everyone eats their veg). And then there’s Mum – Head Cook & Resident superhero, ensuring all fruit and veg is prepared with the highest level of care and attention. Me? I basically count things, pack things and make sure every box goes out on time and looks perfect. That, and trying to save the world one smoothie at a time.