Smoothie of The Month Five – The Raw Fix

  • Posted by Alicia Drewnicki
  • On August 1, 2018
The Raw Fix Smoothie

Happy August! What a summer it’s been so far. We hope you’ve all been keeping cool and surviving the heatwave. Top tip: ice cold smoothies during the day (of course), and at night, cool your sheets. It’s simple – fold up a sheet and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes before you go to bed, take it out, perfectly chilled. Genius!

So our favourite time of the month has come again – Smoothie of the Month (SOTM)!  This time we’ve chosen a brand who are taking breakfast foods and snacks to the next level – The Raw Fix.


About ‘The Raw Fix’

The Raw Fix is a brand completely after our own heart – they’re 100% organic, and they don’t use anything refined, artificial, or tampered with. They see food as fuel and something that should energize us, without depriving us, while still being delicious at the same time.

Founder Bridget had foodie inspiration around her from a young age – both of her parents were chefs! She started her career in hair and makeup, and worked in the television industry for 16 years before pursuing her other passion – food. Bridget switched her personal food choices to organic and plant-based, and then discovered the wonders of raw food. It was this personal journey that led to the birth of The Raw Fix.

‘My ambition is to build a conscious brand with nutrient dense products that allow you to feel empowered about your food choices. – Bridget Kearney, Founder, The Raw Fix

Bridget created a brand that allows people to incorporate raw food into their lives, without feeling like they’re on a diet, or depriving themselves. The Raw Fix is a perfect fusion of healthy and tasty, with a product range including beauties such as carrrot, pear & ginger granola, and turmeric, banana, & cashew power pot.

For our #SOTM August collab, we decided to use their award-winning smokey coconut & banana clusters and made a fruity, nutty, seasonal sensation! The smokey coconut combined with the slight sweetness of the banana is divine!

Curious what’s in our Smoothie of The Month recipe? All is revealed below:


70g Donut Peach

70g Banana

60g Apple

40g Raspberries

20g Buckwheat Flakes

20g Brazil Nuts

20g The Raw Fix Smokey Coconut & Banana Clusters


Why Our Ingredients Rock

Donut Peach (also known as a Saturn, or saucer peach) is flatter and sweeter than a regular peach. It’s packed full of Vitamin C and fibre, which means it promotes healthy skin, and helps fight off free radicals, reducing your risk of cancer.

Banana is a potassium-packed powerhouse. Excellent for energy boosting, and it’s also a fantastic source of fibre, so it keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Apple is packed full of goodness – its dietary fibre means it supports healthy digestion, and it’s full of antioxidants that can reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Raspberries are sweet by name, and sweet by nature. The can help aid weight loss, improve skin, prevent macular degeneration, and boost immunity too.

Buckwheat is an ancient gluten-free grain that’s high in fibre and protein. It’s full of antioxidants and can lower blood pressure, improve heart health, prevent diabetes, and it’s excellent for digestion too.

Brazil Nuts are full of monosaturated fat (a good fat), and also have lots of important nutrients including magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, and zinc. These glorious nuts are praised for their high selenium content which helps you have a healthy immune system, a healthy metabolism, and they can fight cancer too.

The Raw Fix Smokey Coconut & Banana Clusters have the health benefits of banana as well as coconut, which include boosting energy, and slowing down ageing. These delicious clusters also have hints of paprika, Himalayan pink salt, buckwheat, and brazil nuts in them, which all help maintain a healthy immune system.

These ingredients come together to create fruity pink perfection!

Look out for our competition on Facebook on Instagram, and let us know what you think of this month’s collaboration.If you missed last month’s Smoothie of the Month – you can catch up here .

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